Georgian language phonetic keyboard layouts

Here you can find Georgian language phonetic keyboard layout support installation files and a small installation instruction.

The location of the characters on the keyboard when using phonetic keyboard layout is based not on the frequency characteristics of a language but is bound to the phonetic similar letters of the another language.

Here is an example of the Georgian language phonetic keyboard layout based on the English language keyboard layout:

Georgian keyboard layout (English based) image
Georgian keyboard layout (English based) with Shift pressed image

If you want to install that phonetic Georgian language keyboard layout (English based) you can download the installation package from this page from the following links:

This MSI installation packages use Windows Installer 2.0 features, and thus may require that a newer version is downloaded and installed. This would never be required on Windows Vista.

Note: Georgian fonts and language support are not installed by default on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. To make georgian fonts and language support available, you have to enable the support of complex scripts and languages in The Regional and Language Options dialog in Control Panel.

After the installation, you will have a possibility to choose an installed Georgian keyboard layout in The Regional and Language Options dialog in Control Panel.

You will be able to switch to the newly installed keyboard layout using your language bar, where Georgian language should now be selectable